QSL information

Initially, all correspondents through the QRZCQ.COM and HAMLOG.RU sites, to which I download my log, receive QSL cards electronically.

Who needs a paper QSL-card can send it through the QSL-bureau, in this case, the QSL response will be sent in the same way through the QSL-bureau. If you need to speed up the process of obtaining a QSL-card, you can send it directly to my address by attaching 1 IRC and the envelope with a return address. There is an opportunity to speed up the process of receiving a paper QSL card through the QSL bureau without costs: you send your card to my QSL bureau and at the same time a message to my E-mail. Thus, your and my QSL cards will go through the QSL bureau at the same time, which will halve the time for forwarding.

Since I have 3 types of QSL-cards, it is recommended that you choose the one that you like more and report your choice to my E-mail. If you do not, I will be forced to choose independently, and my choice may not coincide with your tastes.

All issues related to the receipt of paper QSL-cards that may arise are resolved through correspondence via E-mail address.

Printing of color paper QSL cards at very democratic rates! The print quality is very good. Design development is free. Samples higher and on the QSLprint service. I recommend!

Best Regards
73! Alexander R2FBT